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Several times during the academic year, an eminent researcher is invited to share and discuss novel concepts and methodologies with Conte investigators.  Speaker selection is based on relevance for ongoing and planned Center projects in the pre-clinical and clinical arena


September 10

Kuei-Yuan Tseng, Ph.D. (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine, Chicago, IL)

Disruption of prefrontal GABAergic function by nanomolar concentrations of kynurenic acid


October 8

John Bruno, Ph.D. (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)

Modulation of the alpha7 nicotinic receptor: implications for prefrontal dysregulation,

schizophrenic-like cognitive deficits, and novel therapeutics


November 20

Flaviano Giorgini, Ph.D. (University of Leicester, Leicester, UK)

Targeted deletion of kynurenine 3-monooxygenase in mice




January 7

George K. Lewis (UMB)

"New Approaches to High Resolution Profiling of Immune Responses"


February 4

David Bucci (Dartmouth University)

“Treatment with L-Kynurenine during Adolescence Impacts Behavior and Neural Plasticity in Adult Rats”


March 4

David Morilak (UT San Antonio)

“Facilitation and Dysregulation in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex - Implication for Stress-related Psychiatric Disorders and their Treatment”


April 10

Joseph T. Coyle, M.D. (McLean Hospital, Harvard University)

"NMDA Receptor Dysfunction  in Schizophrenia: from Mouse to Man"


May 6

  Tallie Z. Baram (UC Irvine)

 "Early-life Experience and Vulnerability to Mental Disorders: Novel Mechanisms"


September 2

  Alan Anticevic (Yale University)

"Examining Progressive Dysconnectivity in Schizophrenia via Neuroimaging, Pharmacology and Computation"


October 7

  Jane A. Foster (McMaster University)

"The Role of Microbiota and Immune Signalling in Brain Development and Behaviour"


December 2

  William E. Bunney (UC Irvine) 

"Circadian Clock Genes in Control and Major Depressive Disorder Brain Tissue: Possible Mode of Action of Rapid-acting Antidepressants”




January 6

  Alexander D. MacKerrell, Jr. (UMB)

“Site Identification by Ligand Competitive Saturation: Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to Ligand Design”


February 3

  Rita J. Valentino (U Penn)

            “Stress, Arousal and the Brain Norepinephrine System”


March 9

  Istvan Merchenthaler (UMB)

      "Brain-selective Estrogen Therapy for Menopausal Symptoms“


April 6

  Karoly Mirnics (Vanderbilt University)

      “Immune System Activation and Predisposition to Psychiatric Disorders”


May 4

  A. Kimberley McAllister (UC Davis)

      "Novel Roles for Immune Molecules in Development and in Psychiatric Disorders“


June 1 

Gerard Clarke (Univ. Cork, Ireland)

“The Host-Microbe Interface in Psychiatry: Focus on Gut Microbiome Regulation of Tryptophan Availability for Kynurenine Pathway Metabolism”


October 5 

Romina Mizrahi (University of Toronto) 

  “Molecular imaging studies in Psychosis and Psychosis Risk - the Role of Stress, Cannabis and Neuroinflammation”


November 2 

Hemmo A. Drexhage (Erasmus University Medical Center, The Netherlands)

  "Neuroimmune Alterations in Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia"




March 3, 2017

 Tracy Bale, Ph.D. (Univ. Pennsylvania)

    “Microbiome and Brain Development”


April 5, 2017

Jerrel L. Yakel, Ph.D. (NIEHS, Research Triangle Park)

“Cholinergic Regulation of Hippocampal Excitability and Plasticity“


 May 12, 2017

Nevena Radonjic, M.D. (Univ. Connecticut Health Center)

          “Kynurenic Acid Affects Development of Human Cortical Progenitors"


September 6, 2017

Dwight E. Bergles, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

“Fate and Function of Glial Progenitors in the CNS"


November 1, 2017

David R. Lynch, M.D., Ph.D. (Univ. Pennsylvania)

          “Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis: What we have Learned in a Decade”


November 29, 2017

Heather Cameron, Ph.D. (NINDS)

 “New Neurons Alter Hippocampal Structure and Function”